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Date 9 Feb 2004 17:46:27 -0000

2004-02-09  China Daily
Urbanization important for farmers' income

2004-02-07  Mark O'Neill
Capitalist shoe makes perfect fit in Wenzhou

2004-02-09  SCMP
SOEs ordered to use equity exchanges

2004-02-09  SCMP
Taxes cut to raise living standards of poor farmers

2004-02-09  SCMP
Economics may settle the issue

2004-02-09  SCMP
Opposition alliance targets mainland-based businessmen

2004-02-09  SCMP
Stampede victims' outraged relatives fight for answers

2004-02-09  SCMP
G7 issues veiled call for yuan adjustment

2004-02-09  Asia Times
SE Asia the focus of potential Sino-US rivalry

2004-02-09  Asia Times
Dragon seizes market share

2004-02-09  CNN
China plays hardball with Chen

2004-02-08  Washington Post
Chinese Workers Pay for Wal-Mart's Low Prices

2004-02-08  Reuters
China-US trade surplus swells to $58.61 bln-paper

2004-02-08  Reuters
China central bank denies revaluation report

2004-02-08  Reuters
China to boost farmers' incomes

2004-02-08  Financial Times
China lifts its ban on foreign TV production

2004-02-09  Xinhua
China may boost RMB next month

2004-02-08  AP
Japanese Business Ties With China Explode

2004-02-08  The Guardian
Exploitation is the norm

2004-02-08  The Guardian
China tightens net around online dissenters

2004-02-08  AFP
Stage drama 'Vagina Monologues' banned in China