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Date 6 Feb 2004 17:58:44 -0000

2004-02-06  Financial Times
Regional trade soars in north-east Asia

2004-02-06  SCMP
Men battle for chance to change their looks

2004-02-06  Straits Times
China's grads spend to stand out from the crowd

2004-02-06  The Register
US chip industry to take on Beijing

2004-02-06  Asia Times
China setting up strategic oil reserve

2004-02-06  Asia Times
India, China and energy security

2004-02-06  AP
China regulators approve private airline

2004-02-06  New York Times
Beijing Urges Bush to Act to Forestall Taiwan Vote

2004-02-06  New York Times
New Year's Disaster in China: 37 Revelers Crushed to Death

2004-02-06  Washington Post
Small Farms Are Hit Hard in China's Battle With Bird Flu

2004-02-05  The Guardian
Club is paid to take on Chinese footballer