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Date 5 Feb 2004 16:53:44 -0000

2004-02-05  New York Times
Maoist Rebellion Shifts Balance of Power in Rural Nepal

2004-02-05  SCMP
Fears of social unrest as rural land grab worsens

2004-02-05  People's Daily
Report: China still in 'first modernization'

2004-02-05  People's Daily
China props up US economy: Wall Street Journal

2004-02-05  China Daily
Nation tops TV, cell phone, monitor production

2004-02-05  China Daily
'Harmful' power station closure urged

2004-02-05  China Daily
Department store faces music in copyright case

2004-02-05  Washington Post
Made in China -- With Neighbors' Imports

2004-02-05  People's Daily
Population influx into Beijing tops 4 million

2004-02-05  China Daily
7-Eleven store debuts in Beijing

2004-02-05  Financial Times
ADB to join rescue efforts for Chinese banks

2004-02-05  Asia Pulse
High-tech sector is China's biggest industry

Malaysia looks to China for workers