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Date 27 Jan 2004 23:56:43 -0000

2004-01-25  SCMP
Car culture drives freedom-loving Beijingers wild

2004-01-27  SCMP
Changing policies to help Net profits

2004-01-26  SCMP
Director counts on common touch in bringing life to film

2004-01-26  SCMP
Cybercafes increasingly seen as 'dangerous places'

2004-01-27  SCMP
Central bank battles move against curbs on spending

2004-01-27  SCMP
Women turn to cosmetic surgery to help them face up to new year

2004-01-27  SCMP
US fired up as China sets the pace in a new space race

2004-01-27  SCMP
Blue Star faces strike over Ssangyong deal

2004-01-27  SCMP
The real threat to reform

2004-01-27  SCMP
Declassified papers shed new light on the cold war

2004-01-27  CNN
The success of the qinmin strategy

2004-01-27  Business Week
A Boom Built By Beijing

2004-01-27  The Guardian
Sex, lies and videophones

2004-01-27  Taipei Times
China's assembly-line journalism

2004-01-27  Straits Times
A sizzling economy dogged by worries of overheating

2004-01-27  BBC
China's war against sand

2004-01-27  Helsingin Sanomat
Activists have joined forces for the past two years

2004-01-27  Helsingin Sanomat
Rebellion swelling in China

2004-01-27  AFP
L'Oreal expands further in China, buys Yue-Sai make-up brand

2004-01-27  Financial Times
Surge in Japanese exports to China

2004-01-27  The Guardian
Only one third of China's Great Wall still stands as tourists take their toll

2004-01-27  BBC
Cigarette 'prison' raided in China

2004-01-27  Xinhua
Communist Party of China goes on campus recruiting drive

2004-01-27  Bloomberg News
Commentary: Is China a gold mine or a minefield?

2004-01-27  AP
China's president addresses French parliament in speech boycotted by many lawmakers

2004-01-26  Xinhua
Chinese urbanites accept "dink" values

2004-01-26  San Francisco Chronicle
China may be worlds ahead in building lunar legacy