Re: The Beijing hack attack

From Cipher <>
Date Mon, 27 Dec 1999 07:15:57 -0500
Cc maggie knowles <>

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On  12/26/99, Paul Kneisel logged on  and ended up relaying this through a
little-known Microsoft open mail server to the North Korean Central
Committee who in turn forwarded it to me:
> [: hacktivism :]

> Governments all over the world are trying to establish cyberspace as the
> new battleground for their artificial conflicts. What the LoU has done
> inadvertently legitimizes this agenda. If hackers are establishing
> themselves as a weapon, hacking in general will be seen as an act of war.
> And hackers themselves will undoubtedly be seen as legitimate targets of
> warring countries.

A Reichstag Fire?  This could easily be an NSA op, never intended to be
launched.  Sure would be a good way to increase funding.  Like the
anti-virus outfit in the *Net*, they generate their own demand...

If the NSA, and outfits like it, didn't have hacker/terrorist
threats,they'd have to invent some.  What else justifies their existance
these days?

Maybe they have invented an ememy to fight.  The resulting funding would
certainly allow them to expand and refine their Echelon system, and
possibly protect it alltogether...

I think we need to make people aware of the possibility of such actions by
government intel outfits.

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