Re: cybersquatting ?

From Ian Lowry <>
Date Sat, 11 Dec 1999 14:10:53 -0500

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>>From: ZoeScanner <>
>>This was in my news and i felt it was
>>relevant......I bet this is exactly what started
>>the cybersquatting fuss in the first place.
>>now,while i don't appreciate what Harvard and the
>>others are doing...I especially would like to see
>>guys like this Rys get stomped....They are the
>>ones whom are ruining the net for everybody.Just
>>to make a buck. sqish these weasles and it all
>>just might clear up a little.
>>04:29 PM ET 12/09/99
>>Harvard Sues Alleged Cybersquatter
>I do admire anyone who is willing to think far enough ahead to make a buck. 
>However, when you see that all hell is breaking loose because of those means 
>to make money, it's time to quit playing the game. When a person's means to 
>make money is causing total distress for anyone else, they need to find 
>something else better to do with their creativity. There are a thousand and 
>one different ways to make money on the internet these days. I would advise 
>this person to find one.

on the international scene, academia is pushing for protection of just the kinds of investment that this individual did.  it seems that this is a case of double standards in which harvard deems whatever is in their own best financial interest to be necessarily the moral route, reinforcing my theory that the most intelligent among us ought to be ware of their own minds - a person with a massive, refined intellect is more likely to be able to quickly and thoroughly rationalize their own behavior, whatever that might be.

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