Re: NSA says it will not spy on Americans

From Tom <>
Date Fri, 10 Dec 1999 15:04:26 +0900

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>I definitely think the public should be better educated about the United States' security
> establishment.

Also keep in mind, that most of what your reading is about is either
hear-say or He Said/She Said.  What does that mean?

Well, quite simply, Agency employees are forbidden to speak directly to
the press, so the sniplets your getting are from "disgruntled" employees
(see the psych profile coming shortly).

remember too, that every 5 years or so, employees (military as well),
are subjected to Lie-Detector tests, and you can say what you want about
those, but THEY are administered.

Case in point, we all know now about the CTR1 King that just recently
got busted for passing secrets to the Soviets.  He flunked his test,
when questioned "in detail" he broke down and told his tale.

Just remember that in order to get information from people that work
there, your going to have to get people who are willing to pass possible
secrets, risking their clearances, and possible legal problems.

Also, funny too, most of the information posted on THEIR computer system
ARE classified, meaning simple discussions that you and I are having on
the outside net are classified on their side (a classified net), for a
minimum of 10 years (AT LEAST) (do a search on government classification
of material, there are a host of manuals that can teach you this). So,
everyday simple discussions are classified, and people can't (by siging
their oath agreement) discuss this material.

WHICH brings me to my mental state of saying that, if you noticed this
is why most of the Echelon Material and everything else you been
hearing/reading about is coming from ANOTHER COUNTRY.

Just remember, people are scared about clearances, loosing their
benefits, possible jail time, etc...

Tom Garner
ICQ:  4580576

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