Seattle-area hacktivists...? (event)

From Angela Gunn <>
Date Wed, 08 Dec 1999 13:34:11 -0800

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Hello all. Normally I wouldn't think of sending press-releasish stuff to
the list, but in this case...

1. This could be an interesting panel for WTO-thinking folk, particularly
those who were reporting to the list as events unfolded;
2. These souls could definitely use a dose of the hacktivist perspective on
their coverage (and yes, the Weekly folk do listen -- don't know the KPLU
3. It's free;
4. There will be refreshments <g>.

So here's the deal. Hope to see lots of very vocal listfolk there...

Liking the thought of a roomful of hacktivists clarifying things for the
media --
Angela G.
(yeah, with the Weekly, but in the audience for this one).

Seattle Weekly and KPLU Radio are sponsoring a panel discussion of the
media's coverage of the WTO, titled "WTO & the Media: Did We Get the Story
Right?"  on Wednesday, December 15, from 7 - 8:30 pm, at the Seneca Room in
Town Hall, 1119 8th Avenue.  Panelists include Knute Berger, Editor of
Seattle Weekly; Geov Parrish, Political Writer for Seattle Weekly; Steve
Krueger, KPLU Business and Labor Writer; and others to be announced.
Questions from the audience will be welcomed. This event is FREE and open
to the public, and refreshments will be served.  For more information,
please call 206-467-4370.

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