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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Fri, 3 Dec 1999 18:02:48 -0800 (PST)

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Thank you. I have been "preaching" about this
'action' for 10 yrs now. Usually to deaf ears as
I had no substantial proof and virtually no other
voices chiming in proclaiming the same
message.This type of WTO (or any other)
censorship action is what must be called to the
attention of 'John & Jane Doe,Mainstream,USA' as
they are the majority AND the factor holding us
back with their snoozing mindless apathy. These
citizens are blissfully unaware of almost all of
this,and prefer to stay that way.Cozy in their
comfy overstuffed chairs watching the latest
(usually braindead) sitcoms,etc. While neither
fabulously rich nor dirt poor,these citizens can
afford to choose not to "think about it" as most
of their lifestyles revolve around the products
produced by the WTO companies and like orgs,Add
to that many of these citizens work for them in
one way or another. Livelyhood and paychecks tend
to override reasone.The protests about WTO is not
going well with them mainly for these reasones.
It is not 'comfortable to think about it.' that
is what I have been hearing for weeks,nay,months.
What the Majority citizens need right now is to
have this kind of input Blaring everywhere
possible,preferably in open public forums and posting this in printed material is
becoming hard to do in many areas and is easily
tossed into the can,so to speak...I am currently
embroiled at this moment (dratted ISP is STILL
having step forward,two steps
back,ARG!) in resurecting my old sites and
filling them with these messages,and more
editorials,news clippings,pix,sound &
links,etc.,in hopes they will be entertaingly
(SP?) educational. Along with subtle warnings to
JQ Public that their warm & fuzzy worlds are not
gonna last much longer and their chance to save
em is evaporating fast. 
I am a researcher and have found plenty of data
to confirm this 'opinion'. Posts like this one
here 'second' my 'opinions',....a necessary evil
in this Misinformation age of illusion
again,thank you.

--- "Morrison, Catherine E" <>
> [: hacktivism :]
> I have been disgusted by the WTO forum, which
> they assert is the one place
> people are justified to some and air their
> complaints with the
> organization. Indeed, an employee for
> globalspeak, the company that runs
> the message board posted this:
> >From various reports, things have gotten out
> of hand and people are
> pointing the blame at each other. We(all 6
> billion of us) have an
> opportunity to express our point of view on the
> WTO and related issues at
> this web site without confronting police ,
> disrupting the lives of Seattle
> residents, or creating a media circus. If an
> organiztion or individual
> wants to put a point of view forward , they
> have this forum, made
> available to them by the WTO. As we enter the
> 21st century, I would hope
> that we have come far enough as a civilzation
> to discuss difficult issues
> in a rational way. I am not naive. I realize
> that some people have hidden
> agendas. Hopefully, those who want to be taken
> seriously will avail
> themselves of a first time ever global,
> interactive internet
> discussion.The internet is the ultimate
> democracy; everone has an equal
> opportunity to be heard whether the leader or
> the follower. All 6 billion
> of us want the best of all possible
> worlds---economic growth, personal
> prosperity, and a world we can leave to
> generations to come. If this is at
> all possible, it will only be possible if
> rational people meet in places
> like this. For the WTO Third Ministerial
> Conference, this is the place.
> ****
> So this is where our free speak lies, correct?
> Wrong. The "monitor" of the
> board has been very busy deleting certain
> messages from the board and even
> went as far as to delete EVERYTHING from
> Wednesday, when the tone turned
> particularly negative. My opinions have
> apparently been allowed to stay,
> but many other people with very valid points
> are being silenced.
> My request to you all is that whomever is
> participating in the
> electrohippies sit in and is composing
> thoughtful rants against the WTO
> please also post them at the forum. Just follow
> the links from the main
> page and sign in.
> It seems that rubbet bullets and teargas have
> taken another form.
> cate
> "To believe in something, and not to live it,
> is to be dishonest."
>                      - Mohandas K. "Mahatma"
> Gandhi 
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