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From Cipher <>
Date Wed, 1 Dec 1999 18:32:58 -0400

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On  11/30/99, batz logged on  and ended up relaying this through a
little-known Microsoft open mail server to the North Korean Central
Committee who in turn forwarded it to me:
> [: hacktivism :]
> On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Cipher wrote:
> :Thanks, you've given me focus.  The NRA will become my target audience.  I
> :just need to dig up that reference to crypto being classified as munitions.
> :Commerce I think...
> It's in the ITAR regulations and I believe the Wassenmar (Sorry, can't
> find correct spelling) Agreement has mention of crypto exports.
> The only american crypto laws that refer to it are for export
> AFAIK. has a huge archive of ITAR related materials,
> it just takes a while to sift through all of it to actually
> find the official regulation doc.

Right, thanks.  Spent a few hours digging thru my own archives, couldn't
put my hands on it.  I'm confident I'll find it some where, thanks for the
search keys.

I went to a few newsgroups where the NRA types hang.

Lurked.  Gotta be careful not to do an *off-topic* thing.  Might take a bit
of a lurk to spot an appropriate opening.

The NRA is a huge org, wielding some considerable power.  Gotta find a way
to steer these boys and girls to a pro-crypto stance. And get 'em active...
I'm sure that they'll be receptive, if given half a chance.

Hell, who knows what else they find themselves in agreement with?

WTO?  My take is Clinton is pandering to the protesters.  He still wants to
make the mega-deal, he's such a puppet for Amerikan Business...

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