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From maggie knowles <>
Date Fri, 12 Nov 1999 08:32:42 -0800
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i was thinking of an internationally "organized" day(s) of direct
action.  make it a well publicized event and make it known it's being
done to make a statement re: citizens' demand rights to privacy. show
corps there are things the people can and will do to control their own
info about themselves. show them who's boss, corrupt their data and make
it public knowledge that thier data's corrupt.  ...hmmmm, i wonder how
much money they'd lose?....

Michael Clark wrote:
> Trading your grocery store cards with unknown others could be an even
> worse problem. If you fell in the store and decided to sue, but John
> Smith used your card to buy alcohol, the alcohol will still be held
> against you when the grocery store looks in their marketing database.
> Or when the grocery store merges with the health insurance company,
> they'll decide to raise your premiums because "you" buy lots of
> cigarettes, or prescription drugs, or whatever else they don't like
> the look of. It is better to not use the "club card" at all or if you
> do use it, give a fake name, address, and other contact info. Just my
> opinion, Michael
> >I remember hearing about the grocery store customer who slipped and fell
> >inside a grocery store and decided to file suit.  the customer lost his
> >lawsuit.  the grocery store used the marketing info it had gathered each
> >time the customer used his "club card" to receive discounts:  that the
> >customer purchased a lot of alcohol.  they used their marketing info
> >against the customer to prove he had a drinking problem...
> >
> >Anyways, i don't remember all of the details regarding this case, but i
> >do remember a fantasy i had about what to do about it.  what if we had a
> >worldwide "everyone trade their grocery discount cards with someone
> >else" day! then none of the info would match the customers and their
> >databases would be all screwed up!
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