Re: RealJukebox=TrojanHorse

From Cipher <>
Date Tue, 9 Nov 1999 17:05:19 -0500

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On  11/9/99, maggie knowles logged on  and ended up relaying this through a
little-known Microsoft open mail server to the North Korean Central
Committee who in turn forwarded it to me:
> [: hacktivism :]

> Anyways, i don't remember all of the details regarding this case, but i
> do remember a fantasy i had about what to do about it.  what if we had a
> worldwide "everyone trade their grocery discount cards with someone
> else" day! then none of the info would match the customers and their
> databases would be all screwed up!

I heard that the data was being collected to ID hoarders.  Of course this
was back when many thought Y2K was going to be TEOTWAWKI...

Then I heard a story about Sam's Clubs requiring ID when purchasing certain
over the counter medicines that could be used in making meth, Alka-Seltzer
for one...

Don't know what their up to, but my card is registered to a fake name
living at the public library...


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