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Date Tue, 09 Nov 1999 12:13:05 -0500
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Grugnog wrote:

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> Quote from refaced page
> <>:
> "I am hacking in an effort
> to bring public attention to
> the situation in Chechnya
> Russia continues to attack
> the people of Chechnya
> even though they have
> said they will work to
> non-violent ends to
> come to an ageement.
> The United Stated and
> the UN are standing
> idle as people die.
> Research the situation.
> Make noise.
> Force results.
> Amor De Rey!"
> What do people think of this type of action? Is it an action? Is it hacktivism?
> Is it effective? Does the site targetted matter? Does this kind of more
> political refacement count as 'cyberwar' or is it an extension of issue based
> refacements?
> - Grug

i feel it is a type of  net.political action that should be supported by spreading
the information of the event. is it an action, hacktivsim, refacement, or
yes..all of the above...i have the sense that in the same way that top_down
.mil and .gov agenda are trying to define each of these terms for the the purposes
command and control...that the bottom_up movements are also tyring to
define hacktivism for the purposes of focus_deployment of issue based
which is not about command and control...but a question of long_term efforts...

what activist really want to deal with is the question of long_term

because one action will never be enough


ps. the last Next Five Minutes had a number of excellent panels on these

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