Re: Australia Admits to Echelon

From Cipher <>
Date Mon, 8 Nov 1999 18:14:14 -0500

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On  11/9/99, sam ==- logged on  and ended up relaying this through a
little-known Microsoft open mail server to the North Korean Central
Committee who in turn forwarded it to me:
> [: hacktivism :]
> > This past weekend i met a .gov guy who also openly confirmed the
> >existence -- he explained that since it is illegal in the US -- the
> It is 'illegal' for the US Gov to spy on US Citizens ... So, Echelon nodes
> can exist in the US - but they can only intercept foreign 'intelligence' ...

The deal is a reciprocal agreement.  They give England intel on theirs,
England gives them intel on ours...  We foot the bill...

Neat.  Sweet.  And a total circumvension of the law.


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