Re: the truth about encryption?

From Cipher <>
Date Sun, 7 Nov 1999 08:23:29 -0500

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On  11/6/99, scotartt logged on while drunk, and ended up relaying this
through a little-known Microsoft open mail server to the North Korean
Central Committee who in turn forwarded to me:
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> Cambridge University cryptography expert Ross Anderson says governments'
> efforts to keep encryption technology out of the hands of criminals and
> terrorists is misguided: "If I were to hold a three-hour encrypted
> conversation with someone in the Medellin drug cartel, it would be a dead
> giveaway. In routine monitoring, GCHQ (Britain's signals intelligence
> service) would pick up the fact that there was encrypted traffic and would
> instantly mark down my phone as being suspect. Quite possibly the police
> would then send in the burglars to put microphones in all over my house. In
> circumstances like this, encryption does not increase your security. It
> immediately and rapidly decreases it. You are mad to use encryption if you
> are a villain." (New Scientist 6 Nov 99)

Indeed.  click the red
Evidence link...


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