Obtaining a .org domain (was RE: the cybersquatting bill)

From Matt Bruce <Matt.Bruce@alphawest.com.au>
Date Tue, 2 Nov 1999 08:31:03 +0800

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It depends on what you're going to use it for. I know people who have
registered various .org[.au] domains that aren't being used for their listed

However, if you were to sell goods/services or otherwise make _profit_ via
the domain (perhaps making enough to pay for itself doesn't constitute
profit?), then you'd better put on a hard-hat. I think you'll find that if
you have the means to host your own domain, then it's not that hard to get a
freebie domain.

I'm not condoning going contrary to InterNIC/Network Solutions (or whatever
it's called today) policy, but the wording of the policies leave a lot of
room to play.

Then again...there's always those countries that either don't charge for
domains, or don't get around to charging you, to think about. :)


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>> How about fordummies.ORG? Techincally, they can't
>> own that, since they aren't a non-profit.
>does anyone know - in order to register a .org domain
>- do you REALLY need to be a non-profit, in the
>technical, IRS sense of the word?  (as I remember it,
>there's a _LOT_ of paperwork to be filled out)

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