Re: chuckO - what's a girl to do?

From "Me Uh, K." <>
Date Sun, 31 Oct 1999 16:10:11 -0800 (PST)

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--- maggie knowles <> wrote:
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> how can she hack her way out of this and get her
> info out to the student
> body?

I'd reccomend calling in the big guns of the ACLU, and
having them scream 1st Ammendmant on her behalf.  (so
far as I know, the ACLU has won every lawsuit they've
had with a school this year)

The problem is that the ACLU isn't really well known
for thier rapid response, and a lawsuit could well
drag out for years and years, and with her Nov. 30
deadline, I don't think that it's all that plausable.

I say take it to straight media.  Seattle's a faily
liberal town, really well centered in the
activist-left.  Letters to the editors of the Seattle
Times ( ), The PI
( ), Stranger
( ), Weekly
( ), ect.  Encourage
people to call her principal personally (or someone
higher up in the school district) and express their
outrage about this violation of her 1st ammendmant

I know I'd make that call.  And enough angry parents
will make anyone change their minds.

-mia k. (who believes in, and supports, a student's
right to speak more than any other right on Earth)

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> Subject: Censorship?
> Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:50:42 PDT
> From: "Gabrielle Sloane" <>
> Reply-To: "November 30 International Day of Action"
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> To:,,
> November 30 International Day of Action
> I am a student at Roosevelt High school in Seattle. 
> I have been trying
> to get students involved against the wto recently. 
> I tried to give out
> fliers advertising a november 6th student teach-in,
> but the principal
> didn't approve.  He said that he didn't want a
> 'disturbance' and that I
> could hand out no more than 25 to the entire student
> body.  He also said
> that I have to do it 'discreetly'.
> 'ok',  I thought.  'Well at least there's the letter
> to the editor of my
> school newspaper I wrote.  That will still get the
> word out.'
> Unfortunately...that newspaper, which was supposed
> to come out today
> was, for an unknown reason, not published.  Is this
> censorship?
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