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Date Sat, 30 Oct 1999 15:23:33 +0000
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This sounds very good to do ... I joined this list because I thought it
might be a place from where projects and idea collaborations could be
initiated from ... So, it's hoped that in its new form, the hacktivism list
can provide this. 

It would be great if more project-driven ideas can be initiated (like JED)
- but then, a good strong critical anaylsis of its true effectiveness can
also follow ... Rather than the 'how great am i' type of postings ... So
the list can assist with fostering a truly mature and effective hacktism
culture ...

Anyhow, that's it!

adios, Sam.

At 01:17 PM 10/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
>[: hacktivism :]
>We're forwarding the current hacktivism list proposal to the list for
>review and comments. We'd like to close the comment period by 1200 GMT
>this Sunday. 
>- Chuck0
>Hacktivism List Proposal 2.0
> After a fair bit of on list discussions, off list musings, and a look
> survey results, several of us that are pretty active in the TAO project
> have come up with a set of guidelines for a moderated hacktivism list.
> We talked quite a bit about setting up new lists, but reached consensus
> that those lists aren't needed at this time.
> Currently there are three list-workers for the hacktivism
> list (Chuck, Grugnog and Megan). We have been following
> the discussion on the future of the list, and have been
> discussing our own ideas.
> We think it is important that the list becomes a
> positive, productive place for *all* its users, so,
> bearing that in mind, we have come up with the following
> proposal. We are happy to listen to the hacktivism list
> and modify this with your ideas (reply to the list, or
> direct to us).
> We think it is important that we get things moving, so we
> have set a deadline of 1200 GMT this Sunday to draw a
> conclusion and start implementing the changes.
> We have no formal decision making structure, so we will
> try and draw a consensus from the comments raised. If it
> looks controversial we will setup a web-based vote.
> Thanks for you time, we hope you think the proposal is
> worth supporting!
> Hacktivism list-workers
> Megan <>
> Grugnog <>
> Chuck <>
> The problem:
> Many people (nearly 500) on list, leading to:
>  * Off topic messages
>  * Tendency for list to be dominated by relatively
>    few people
>  * It is a daunting place to post for some people
>  * Lots of chatty 'me too' type messages, with little
>    structured comment or opinion
> Fast growing list, leading to:
>  * Restricted development of a positive list culture
>  * Newbies detracting from the list culture already
>    developed by posing without lurking long enough to
>    see what the list is about
> Single, conglomerated list, leading to:
>  * People getting discussion when they mainly want news
>  * People getting news when they mainly want discussion
> Lack of list decision making structure, leading to:
>  * No chance for the list to control what they want on
>    the list
>  * No chance for the above problems to be alleviated
> A solution must:
> * Setup a structure which will work for - and be open
>   to - the list and can make decisions
> * Begin to improve the perceived signal to noise ratio by
>   using moderation to facilitate an informative and fair list.
> * Facilitate the creation of a productive list culture
>   through moderation and education of people with
>   less well developed net-etiquette
> * Reduce the number of off-topic and chatty 'me too'
>   messages through moderation, which will improve
>   the accessibility of the list
> * Do all of the above without censoring list content or
>   creating inflexible, unfair, unaccountable or
>   uninclusive structures
> The proposed solution:
> Create a list-workers group
>  * This will be responsible for reading all the posts
>    submitted, and, using/modifying the new list
>    guidelines, determine if they are within those
>    guidelines and, if so, post the messages to the list.
> In detail:
> This would become a (moderated) "forum for discussion,
> debates, opinion and analysis of hacktivism is, both as a
> word and in a tactical, ethical or practical sense".
> Occasional news articles relating to the current or
> possible future discussion could be posted to keep the
> list active.
> The list-workers group
> This would be a group of active TAO workers who would moderate the
> hactivism list. This group would implement the list guidelines,
> the FAQ, and handle list administration. It will discuss borderline
> posts, making decisions based on the consensus of the group. Members of
>the   list-workers group who repeatedly post posts clearly in violation
>of the  guidelines can be removed from the list-workers group by simple
>majority. If   they think this is not fair they can take the matter to
>the  list and open a web-based vote on the matter.
> If members of the list-workers group speak to the media or any other
> organisation, they should not claim (and should actively deny) that
> speak for 'the hacktivism list' or tao, unless this has been agreed
> the group and the list or tao respectively.
> Members of the list-workers group are actively encouraged to agree on
> post messages to the lists, regarding the running of the list or the
> matters being discussed within the list-workers group. 
> If any posts are rejected by the moderating mechanism the group should
> (time allowing) reply to the person with a copy of the list
> guidelines/FAQ, preferably pointing out the problem. Disputes should be
> discussed with the person, being taken to the list
> (and eventually a web-based vote) if no agreement can be made.
> New suggested list guidelines:
> (to be used to update the list FAQ)
> What should not be posted?
> * Spam - unsolicited commercial e-mail, postings intended
>   only to further the interests of an single individual
>   or organisation, or rapidly repeated postings of identical
>   or highly similar content. You can announce your website, but don't
>   tell us about it more than once in any given month.
> * Off topic posts (see 'What is off topic')
> * Sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist or ageist comments
>   (in no particular order) should not be posted, because
>   of both the politics of the list host (TAO), and because
>   people affected by these will not be able to reply
>   according to the off-topic guidelines.
> * Material which will attract unnecessary attention to
>   yourself, others or the list providers, from the authorities,
>   such as specific hacking techniques, or details of illegal
>   project organisation. This is also not a forum to solicit for
> * Flames: try and keep debate reasonably calm, please
>   don't start flame wars! If you do, please consider take
>   taking them off list! If you want to play with fire, please burn
>   yourself, not us.
> * Messages people can't read. Try and avoid messages in
>   HTML or messages with attachments. Plain text rules!
>   Badly formatted messages should be edited before they
>   are posted. Subscribers who use Microsoft Outlook Express should pay
>   careful attention to this, because that program has a default that
>   sends messages that are too wide.
> * Non-major messages regarding a particular campaign or
>   project (see 'What about my project')
> What is off topic?
> * Opinion, analysis or announcements:
>   Postings which do not discuss hacktivism or issues
>   directly relating to hacktivism. This means that if
>   hacktivism if not mentioned in the posting, the issue must be
>   shown to threaten or support hacktivism in a substantial way.
> * News
>   Any news posted to should either be
>   relevant to a current topic of discussion, or be topical
>   and conveying a discussable idea or issue that has not
>   been encountered previously by the list. Please assume that many of
>   list members regularly read hacker and tech news websites, so you may
>   think that breaking story about encryption is newsworthy, but don't
>forward it    to the list unless it pertains to hacktivism (however that
>   defined today)
> What about my project?
> Some hacktivism projects can create enormous media interest. Although
> would be nice to post all the reports it is important that people
> organising a particular project or campaign create their own space
> as a mailing list, on tao, onelist or elsewhere) to organise their
> project and distribute updates. Hence it
> is easiest if only the 'main' messages for projects are posted.
> Announcements and some major reports are OK but it is not fair for one
> project to take over the whole list - all projects, however much media
> attention they create, should get a fair but equal share of the list
> bandwidth.
> We recommend that you archive the news coverage on your website and
> provide hacktivism list with the URL
> Hacktivism-digest
> The list-workers group shal set up a digest version of the hacktivism
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