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Date Thu, 28 Oct 1999 05:45:06 +0900
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Depding on the responses your about to receive, let this OLD xhacker
tell you a story:

a) Read the Zines, some are great, some suck

b) learn to surf the web and look for sites that lean towards your

c) Learn the read and comprehend the HISTORY behind everything

I used to write a mazine called NIA, and from the begininning our
intentions was to TEACH and EDUCATE, however every other email was
either "You suck" or "I want this" or "Phrack is better than your crappy
zine".  Great fine go read Phrack, Great fine we suck, delete your email
requests..we don't care, from the beginning our intentions was to TEACH
and EDUCATE (I know repeat), and people just never got past
that..however we did do well in our little niche..such was life in the
mid '80s...

The problem is, that these days, people want instant gratification.  No
one wants to LEARN the reasoning any more.  Hell, why learn, when I can
go online and d/l the latest hacking app, instant gratification!

So, I plead, you want to LEARN to be a krad killer hacker then READ, and
I mean READ EVERYTHING, test it out on your own computers, hell, most
people have an old system sitting around wandering what to do w/ it, set
it up, begin testing your mental.  After all, its not illegal to break
into your own computer! :)

Tom Garner
ICQ:  4580576

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