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Cams everywhere? imagine u can look anywhere, anytime, and contact just about anyone whenever you want. instant continuous 24 hr comunication with everyone? we will turn into the Borg in like 100 yrs..
pager-like devices with basic wireless internet conectivity (email, instant messaging) are already here
imagine people everythere with 'pagers' that run 'instant messanger' so that everyone is in constant comunication with everyone else (on their contact list). i feel watched every day as it is. I have an ex-girlfriend who 'watches' what i do all day! SHe knows when my status is online, offline, busy, etc... it made me think..
24 hour internet access of course..
we will all be wathcing eachother, but that doesnt mean the government is in the loop...
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See, in a counter-intuitive way..., I think it might be best to _encourage
_more surveillance, _more comprehensive and (hopefully) inclusive/global
surveillance. Let's _all monitor the streets, the courtrooms, the police
jail-cells. Web-cams-everywhere!

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