Re: special Echelon's tool of industrial Spam

From pho <>
Date Tue, 26 Oct 1999 19:42:27 +1000
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> - false headings PGP to slow down the decoding of the malls by Level;
> - automatic generation of malls; (I had announced yesterday the use of the cgi
> it seems that the version on
> line improved this point... The use of the cgi was undoubtedly useful for the
> tests.

i heard an announcement for this on the other day
(it's searchable, methinks) .. the gist of it seemed to be that it would shove 
out randomly spoofed packets with echelon-jamming content -- so that nobody 
had to put up with reading it.  it took the content from
although it seems that the release that you're talking about has had this 
CGI's functionality built in.

ps: imho, none of the stuff that's been done will really be effective.  media
    whorage is usually good, though.

- pho

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