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This is an excellent project IMHO, there are lots of opportunities described
below to get involved in this from either a 'hacking' side (e.g. intelligent
search scripts and ensuring the file formats are accessable) or from an
'activism' side (digging out the material and structuring it based of our
mental maps of the sphere of radical activism).
- Grug

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Here's a brief update on the forthcoming virtual gallery of radical arts.

1 - Brief progress report
2 - Anatomy of the site
3 - Things to be done
1 - Brief Progress Report

w w w . s u b v e r t i s e . o r g

We have secured the url : <http://www.subvertise.org/>
We have collected over 350 images ranging from tiny
graphix (eg SchNews's eco-clip-art), through photos of
great banners (from Greenpeace to Newbury) to polished
Advert Parodies (from Everywhere!) We intend to add to this
regularly, encouraging submissions from visitors with a
user-friendly "Email us a jpeg NOW" page.

2 - Anatomy of the Site

A s h a r e d g a l l e r y

We see the site as a fully shared resource - we want all groups
who 'relate' to the content, to link to the site. A pair of teenaged
stickerers in london could simply build a homepage and link it straight
through to the gallery search page. Similarly, a large NGO can add
our site to their links page. Thus lots of different people can get
aware, get inspired and get involved!
We're particularly keen for local "Creative Activist" groups to use
this gallery as their own - adding & downloading images and ideas as
a 'shared desktop' - there'll be "working zones" with bits that people
want/are working on. When a Corporation releases a majorly shite ad
campaign, we can share subverty ideas and then get finished pieces
out across the world (shadowing the actual ad campaign). Cool huh.

T h e d e s i g n

We havn't begun this, but feel a VERY plain + simple look will help.
The logo, we reckon, should simply be the name made up from torn
letters off corporate logo/names. An old idea but powerfully
appropriate here methinks. (I'm working on it). A blank bakground style
will a> help to focus attention on the content, and b> help the gallery
better fit with EVERYbody's own website/links pages.

T h e c o n t e n t s

We are busy 'stealing' the best radical arts from anywhere, and
BEG you to do the same. See a cool image that inspires you into
action? A sticker that makes you laugh? Chances are it's not in
our swag-bag yet so SEND IT IN.
We have avoided taking many items from any one source, partly
to avoid annoying any one too much. If visitors want more from someone
they can go straight to them via the links page.
The poetry, song, articles and sayings sections are particularly
D'you know any/know any books/websites etc?
The contents will be selected on two main catagories :

FORM - the medium used: Banner, T-shirt, Graphic, Poem
Poster, Billboard, Graffitti, Sticker, Article, Slogan, Quote etc

THEME - the issues covered so far are :
AIDS & Gay Rights
CARS & Motor trade
FINANCE & Globalisation & MAI
HOUSING & Squatting
OPPRESSION & Torture & Police
RACE & Indigenous peoples
TRAINS & Trams & Buses
REVELUTION & Direct Action
SEXISM & Feminism
WAR & Nationalism
This list will grow as we discover more.
We may reject company-specific catagories, ie put all the Nike
items into other specific theme catagories. This will help people
realise the many issues that any one corporation should be challenged
on. Visitors will still be able to search for just "NIKE" items.
What d'you think?
We do not have the time, energy or politness to ask permission
for 'contributions' - We are stealing your best work regardless!
In compensation, we are giving loads of groups and individuals a big
free plug (or 2 or 3) and will encourage visitors to contact you direct
for more info/to help you/ to buy your calendar/employ you etc. Bear
in mind that most of the content has been published elsewhere
already and is only available at 72 dots per inch on this website -
far too low a resolution for any printing of detail.
The best, currently useful imagery will also be avaiable at 300dpi
making it (slowly) downloadable and useful for printing posters, stickers,
flyers etc right there and then. This "clip-art" section will hopefully
help a lot of grassroots groups. Most of this will be line-art/greyscale.
Each item will have a caption:
"Name" Artist name & source Date Country Notes...
Most entries will be hyperlinked (ussually via source or artist)
to the website's contacts list - a Huge A-Z of creative campaigning.
This section (still being written) will include a brief summary of what
that group/person does, further contact details and a LINK to THEIR
website, where available. Thus a casual visitor, inspired by seeing a
cartoon criticising say the IMF, can go straight to our links pages
and choose from going on to Oxfam, PGA, P&P and whoever else is
active against the IMF.
Thus this contacts list will include all the "arty" resistance groups
but also many campaign groups that have happened to use the arts

3 - Things to be done


If you see any radical arts, jot it down/photocopy it/fax it etc.
When sending art in an email, change it's size to fill the screen
while converting it's resolution to around 100dpi. If it's like a
photo - lots of colours and shades save it as a JGP - High quality.
If it's a simple B&W line-art image, best to save it as a GIF.
We'd prefer you to send us high-res printouts - then we can have
the option of putting it up at a high-res! Contact details below.
Southern contacts / images / photos are in short supply - do
you know any creative campaigners from friendlier climes?
It would be great if someone could take on one of the emptier
sections : poetry, articles, song etc. A day or two in a Library
(Free internet access?) should provide lots of key stuff.
If your group already has a website, you may like to think about
how best to link to the gallery. If you don't have one yet, consider
building a little one, even just a homepage with contact details,
which can then be aimed at the gallery. Oxford has just built such
a site viewable at: www.oxford-city.demon.co.uk/counterfeet/
One thing we really lack is a person fluent in 'search-engines.'

A m e e t i n g

We are planning a gathering in Oxford (or maybe London) soon.
This can act as a chance to finally decide on the design/contruction
detail of the site. Crash space available. Contact us for more details:
Newsletter 2 will suggest a meeting time/place by November.
Email: counterfeet@excite.co.uk
Fax: 0870 0521602
Post: c/o Counterfeet, Box G, 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ.
(We're getting a pager and a proper post box soon!)
Love, Laughter and Legumes

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