RE: the j.e.d. operation (and the struggle against spam)

From "Grugnog" <>
Date Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:44:10 +0100
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Hi all,
I would like to lend support to this action. Repeatedly sending messages to the
list that quite clearly have no value to any members of the list is, as best,
highly off topic and could also be considered to be spam. One of two messages
to the list with messages for JED  (which I support, within reason) is perhaps
bareable, but it is quite clear that jamming echelon involves messages which
cannot have repeated elements (for example "to:") to be
effective at evading the filters they no doubt have set up.
Hence mailbombing the list is nothing but disruptive to both the list and
probably (if it were not stopped) for the huge number of people who use the tao
systems for organising and activism (especially when the problem with this has
already been pointed out by pj and others).
I will contact these people for their side of the story, and arrange an offlist
space for them to mailbomb (if they still want to contribute), if they sort
their end out then maybe they could come back on the list proper sometime in
the future.

> as well, the movement to turn this list into one that is moderated (while
> still open) is gaining ground, so people should feel encouraged to comment
> on this direction (while refraining from spamming).

I would be interested in peoples opinions on this. My own opinion is that, if
we have to go moderated (becuase of events like this or others) the list (and,
where appropriate it's provider, tao) should be as involved as possible, in
both setting the guidelines and in putting it into practice (making it as 'self
run' as possible). However I also recognise that events like this are damaging
to the list, it's associated bodies and the 'movement' in general. This means
that time could be a limiting factor, and that we may have to compromise on how
involved the list is.
That said, I don't think any movements on this are going to me made until we
have completed the list survey and worked a number of other things out. If I
think the moderation is not involving the list enough I will make sure there is
some kind of unmoderated forum still available (possibly elsewhere) so we can
have some kind of point of reference and improve the situation.

Thanks to jesse for working the night shift :)
- Grug

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