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From Bronc Buster <>
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 16:24:20 -0400 (EDT)
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If people want to make sure Echelon (if it indeed exists) gets your
e-mail, go to the web sites for various goverment and military sites.
Gather e-mail addresses given on those pages, like web masters, public
relations, admin, etc, and just send them a message with the words in
them. Spamming your friends might be seen by Echelon, but really does what
pj said, and just clogs up their resources. Make your mail count and send
it to systems, or via systems, that might have Echelon involved with them.

Even better, try and find a military or government server that allows the
test chars to be sent in e-mail addresses. Example, say you want to send
an e-mail to me via some government site

Government site:
My e-mail:

To bounce it to me, via their system insert % like so

The mail server at, if it supports it (sendmail does by
default) it will look for a user on their system named 'bronc' and once it
sees it doesn't have one, bounce it to

This way you can mess with Echelon and still do your normal day to day

PS. Want to make someones day crappy? PGP a message and bounce it off
their box. If they run a firewall or try and see what the message said,
they get crap. Hehehe

Good luck on JED.

   Bronc Buster

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Chuck0 wrote:

> [: hacktivism :]
> pj lilley wrote:
> > 
> > [: hacktivism :]
> > 
> > oh, for crying out loud!  is everyone going to post your stupid word list
> > to TAO lists all day????   fuck off, you're wasting system resources.
> > at LEAST send yer shit around to *government* servers if you're going to
> > insist on the vanity of it!  i'm with ted -- this is a most arrogant
> > american-centric exercise in disinformation.    Chuck -- if you'd really
> > like to support Anti-Police Brutality day, why not write a paragraph or
> > two about it for the upcoming tao newsletter?
> Agreed. If people were really serious about this, they would send the
> list to friends who aren't the usual suspects. Circulate the keywords
> attached to something newbies like to circulate to everybody they know,
> like the petition to save Afghani women, or that cute cat screensaver
> making the rounds of offices this week.
> What do you mean about supporting "anti-Police Brutality" day? I don't
> get it. This Project Echelon thing is not something that interests me
> very much.
> > ps. stefan, i'm not trying to "narrow the scope" so much as actually do
> > something effective.  you seem intent on organizing a spam of tao.  kinda
> > like the time you jammed the hack-the-planet lan with your silly java
> > action.  you're only inconveniencing those you claim to be helping.  i
> > remember your "defense" of mumia, as well.  spittle? me being restrained?
> > why don't you just chalk it up to PMS?  ugh.  don't you read the critiques
> > people send you?  you seem to studiously ignore reason.
> Harsh, but hit close to target.
> It would be a more effective attack on the system if some of you left
> your university classrooms and helped some of us set up TAO-like
> services in our communities. I'm in the DC-area, if anybody wants to
> help set up with us, give me a buzz.
> I'm getting really tired of these tired leftist reactionary attacks on
> the system. Who really gives a fuck about Echelon anyway? If the
> governments want to spy on us, they can. Most activists I know don't do
> anything effective enough to warrant any surveillance. Just look at who
> the cops are paying attention to: animal rights direct actionists, Earth
> First! types, Reclaim the Streets and J18/N30 activists, and so on. That
> should provide a clue as to what effectively scares those who control
> our lives.
> If you want to help the Zapatistas, examine what scared the ruling
> class, when it came to the Internet. They had a cow that information was
> disseminated quickly and websites were set up around the world. Those
> methods, although very unglamorous, were more effective than pinging the
> Pentagon, Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Mexican stock exchange.
> This is typical on the left. The people who want to make names for
> themselves get the press and the shitworkers who keep the bosses up at
> night work without recognition. I'm sick of it.
> -- 
> Chuck0
> Alternative Press Review
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> "A society is a healthy society only to the degree 
> that it exhibits anarchistic traits." 
>         - Jens Bjørneboe
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