IPv6 ID scheme is a scam? (+french echelon links)

From J Thorel <youwillneedme@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 20 Oct 1999 12:47:59 -0700 (PDT)

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Regarding the last post about the IETF proposal to
include hardware ID numbers in IP adresses (new IP
protocol version 6), it seems that this is a pretty
old story. 

It seems the IETF has already initiated proposals
(June 99) to replace the Ethernet serial number by a
random-generated number. Only those computers that
have a permanent connection ('target' hosts) will have
their Ethernet ID linked with their IP number. Under
IPv4, these computers can already be traced because of
their permanent IP adress. 

IETF's IPv6 Working Group release on October 17:

Draft proposal for privacy-enhanced IPv6:

The author, Thomas Narten (IBM/Raleigh), told me that
"it is a draft document of the IPng Working Group. 
That means it is under active consideration for being
made part of the IPv6 standards. However, the details
have not yet been finalized."

And we'll wait for checking that it WILL be finalized
as scheduled in the draft. 

So "no danger"?? Opinions please...

PS - This is my first post to this list, please have a
look at my last add-on about Echelon:
The first appeared on the Oct. 12 edition

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> The proposal by the Internet Engineering Task Force,
> an international
> standards body, would include the serial number for
> each computer's network
> connection hardware as part of its expanded new
> Internet protocol address

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