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The real story behind this appeal:

  The message you have received from Divya Singh with the message that 
  her husband has cancer is INVALID.
  PLEASE do not respond, forward, post or answer in any way.  I am being 
  inundated with e-mail messages which I am unable to properly answer. 
  Although I appreciate your concern and offers of help but it is not necessary.
  My original message, sent out almost a year ago, was asking to be contacted 
  by SURVIVORS OF LUNG CANCER.  My husband, Worth Schermerhorn, was 
  treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas USA and is in 
  remission at the present time. We have received in excess of 25,000 
  responses to the message.  Divya Singh got involved some how or the other 
  and has misled thousands into the belief that it is her husband who has
  cancer.  She has sent the message to thousands who have sent the 
  message to thousands of others but will not help stop it. She keeps 
  changing her e-mail address but always asks that responses be sent to me.  
  Her latest address is  divyasingh9@yahoo.com .  
  If you wish to respond please respond to her.
  Thank you for your help and consideration in this matter.
  Worth & Jo Ann Schermerhorn
  Houston, Texas, USA

- 'shal

According to Ashok Agrwaal:

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> Hi friends,
>  Pl. see if you can do anything.
> >From Divya Singh(Siemens) :
> Dear Friends
> Please help , if possible Hi everyone,
> This is important to me...so I am asking you to
> please forward it. Please send this to all your
> contacts.
> If anyone you know has survived  NONSMALL CELL LUNG
> CANCER , please contact me at e-mail: worth@vonl.com
>  <mailto:worth@vonl.com>
> My husband has it and I would like to know what
> treatment was used. Please forward to everyone on
> your contact list. From the bottom of my heart I thank
>  you.
> Thank you,  Divya Singh
> Please Contact here :
> Siemens Information System Limited
> #84,Keonics Electronics City
> Hosur Road,Bangalore-561229
> India
> Divya Singh
> divya.singh@blr.sni.de
>  <mailto:divya.singh@blr.sni.de>
>   Tel.+91-80-8521122(10 lines
> Keep forwarding this, even if yr unable to help
>  . . ..
> somebody else might be able to...
> __________________________________________________
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