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From "xdaydreamx" <>
Date Fri, 8 Oct 1999 20:36:22 +0100
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> like most 'hacktivist' projects, it's amazingly naive. if indeed
> this action will cause problems for echelon etc., the people who
> run it (and other such systems) will be well prepared to circum-
> vent *one day* of technical difficulties

> i may have fundamentally missed the point of
> how sending some hot words is going to either help or hurt anti-police
> brutality day.

Echelon won't collapse because of J.E.D. . Quite right.
And will street theatres stop CCTV cameras being placed all over the place?
Neither. That would be naive.
But they WILL increase people's awareness of their own state of observation
and the observer's awareness of restistance to uncontrolled observation. The
way I perceive it, this is a MEDIA event. It's about getting the word out.
If anybody wanted to bring Echelon to it's heals directly  they would
certainly go
about it in a different way. And in the end it is still debateable whether
that is the objective at all.

I do agree with Flint Jones' suggestion that the discussion of
for Jam Echelon Day should move to another list. Any suggestions? There is
still a lot to be gained from discussing the event and its effects though
from a more neutral point of view, don't you think?

your jjf

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