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Date Sat, 2 Oct 1999 19:00:39 +0200
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Interview: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
( by Josephine Bosma)

"I think our net art is most related to RTMARK, but with a difference of
intention. The RTMARK creators are activists. When they copy the Shell
Oil site, they use it as a vehicle for presenting real
counter-information; the same with their site. They draw
attention to the powerful presence that the corporate world has in the
democratic process, the environment, etc. We would agree with them about
the power of the corporate sphere, but we are not activists in the same
sense. Rather than present tactical counter-information, we just try to
show that the corporate media sphere is not a seamless entity, that
there are cracks and interruptions there.

Our idea is that personal freedom is in those cracks and interruptions.
So presenting strange, confusing messages under the guise of a corporate
model suggests that there is a sphere outside of the corporate world. At
this time, this is an important idea. I suppose we could be critiqued as
being not overtly political enough, but I don't agree. And I certainly
see our projects in solidarity with those more overt political projects
such as RTMARK or floodnet/e.d.t."

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