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From "Robert Kemp" <>
Date Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:26:11 EDT

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From: jesse hirsh <>

 > the isp is the gate way to the internet for most of us who don't have the
 > priviledge to own our own infrastructure. can't the isp control what gets
 > accessed and what doesn't? can't the isp control which domains you can 
 > emails to and which you can't? isn't this regulation (control) ?

no, the isp can't really do that. theoretically it could, but practically it 
ummmmmm.....then why is it that some sites are easily accessible from AT&T 
Worlnet and Earthlink but I get a single word, in html format, when using 
AOL that says "FORBIDDEN - you do not have permission to access this site 
from this server."

It is usually pertaining to information on the political fringe.

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