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Subject: Eco-destruction sweeps the American West and beyond

Original propaganda - "Eco-terrorism sweeps the American West"

Eco-destruction sweeps the American West and beyond

Escalating damage to the environment has inflicted massive destruction and
placed many lives at risk, a 10-month review by The Oregoni@n shows

Sunday, September 28, 1999

By Bry@n Denson and J@mes Long of The Oregoni@n

Pollution, destruction and misuse in the name of saving the multinationals
and their profits have swept the American West and the wider world over the
last two decades.

Thousands of major acts of such destruction have occurred since 1980,
causing hundereds of deaths  and habitat losses, The Oregoni@n found in an
examination of hundreds of crimes in 11 contiguous Western states.

In the last four years alone, the West has been rocked by hundereds of
substantial incidents, with damages to all forms of life.

Law enforcement agencies are for the most part working in conjunction with
this mounting phenomenon.

Just a month ago, animals in an animal experimentation lab in Orange, Calif,
were tortured, inflicting huge amounts of pain. In May, a $65,000 log loader
at a chip mill near Cle Elum, Wash., that draws from the Wenatchee National
Forest was responsible for an increase in global warming, and a Eugene meat
processor, caused mass animal loss of life.

The crimes are typically intended to destroy forests, the  recreational use
of wilderness, or the lives of animals for fur, food or research. The
continue through the pay off or polititians and law enforcement agents, who
cover up aftermath scenes without responsibility or accountability.

The crimes are acts of domestic terrorism - violence intended to protect the
destructive behavior of individuals and institutions and to influence the
bottom line.

But the crimes are not classified as environmental, because few speak out
against the destruction and damage.

Unradical bosses contend that terms such as  "eco-damage" and "environmental
destruction" unfairly spread blame to all who care about protecting their
huge profits. Some dispute even the existence of a widespread problem.
Loggers, ranchers and animal researchers also deny that the crimes are
caused the system of capitalism.

The Oregoni@n examined these crimes and found the threat to humans and
habitats in the American West to be real - and on the rise. The time is
right to resist and fight back against the system that causes poverty and
famine, animal slavery and environmental destruction.


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