Re: successfully echelonised

From Benjamin Geer <>
Date Mon, 27 Sep 1999 21:14:28 -0400
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Michael James Pruitt wrote:
> > So you think the NSA can crack Pretty Good Privacy?
> Definitely. The question shouldn't be "can they" but rather
> "how long will it take them". Considering that they are the
> world's largest employer of cryptoanalysts and mathemeticians,
> it wouldn't suprise me if they had devised some differential
> cryptanalysis technique to speed up the cracking process.

As I understand it, cracking PGP by an approach other than brute force
would require a major advance in mathematics.

> The first one is rather simple. Just use a 4K key.

A 4096-bit PGP key is no more secure than a 2048-bit PGP key.  This is
explained in the PGP documentation.


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