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Date Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:02:29 -0700
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>    yes, the "stuff" interacts in a very real fashion.  very real, physical
> dirty bodies of carbon in conflict with the hyperreal (all-too-real) state
> power.  yet, as it is currently manifest, we do not have the material
> control of the means of the mirror's production, do we?  some maybe...
> small fragments here and there.  is that the deleuzian 'swarms' again?
> spontaneously rising up?  do you think that will be adequate against the
> state of indonesia next week?  mexico?  oh, how i hope, but more "stuff"
> necessary!

No 'swarms,' nor hacking, nor any one one action or set of actions
will be adquate to deal with indonesia or mexico....and yes more
'stuff' will be needed...that is why the list has 'rising up'...a space
for speaking with each other...and bear this point that
is the most hacktivism can do...and should do if at all possible...
bear witness.

>   why shouldn't i want to cling to marxist materialism
> in the face of such ontological machismo arrogance that picks such fights
> without enough forethought to even win some small lasting ground?

the same could be said of the zapatistas, and has been said...
but just because they did not follow dialectical rules and had
the arrogance to pick an ontological fight with the PRI and
has only little ground to show for has won many
spaces of the possible....
(while the work that EDT has done is solidarity with them
is not even on the same level of work), EDT actions have
been creating small spaces of 'forethought'--as any good
work of art should.

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