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I'm running a serious temprature here and I feel like crap, so I don't
really want to argue this since it's clear I'm in the minority. (I have
no desire to be the next pariah around here, unless it's too late, I guess)

Anyways, a couple of things:

At 11:03 PM 9/20/99 +0200, you wrote:
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>First Question: Do you believe that, with the current state of affairs,
>this ideal future you and Brin forsee could ever come about? 

I do not believe in ideal futures. I believe in likely futures, possible
futures, futures that are more desirable than others, and futures that
are bleaker than others. 

>This world is a messed up place with power CONCENTRATING in the hands of
>the few rather that dispersing into those of the many. That's why it made me
>want to puke when I read that quote from Brin's speech: "And in all of human
>history, no people have ever been anywhere near as free." What people is he
>talking about? Those living in the U$A?! He must be joking.

I think in many ways people in the industrialized world *are* free, although
many choose not to excercise their freedom in the least. If you think
about the past few hundred years, the lot in life you were born into was
it, forever, no ifs ands or buts. Today there really is freedom of
That's not to say life is fair, but at last it isn't all etched in stone
from the word go.


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