Hackers Vandalize C-Span Web Site (fwd)

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Date Fri, 10 Sep 1999 18:00:12 -0700 (PDT)

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Title: Hackers Vandalize C-Span Web Site
Date: 06-SEP-1999
Author: Unspecified
Source: Mike Flugennock <flug3nn0ck@sinkers.org>
Style: Mainstream news article

Hackers vandalized the Internet site of the C-SPAN cable network Sunday,
replacing its Web page with a bizarre note that included what they
claimed to be a transcript of a conversation between a U.S. government
official and the leader of a Middle Eastern country.

The hackers, calling themselves "United Loan Gunmen,'' also claimed
responsibility for the defacement of the Internet site for ABC just
weeks ago. The group is believed to be relatively newly formed, and its
only known attacks have been the ones against C-SPAN and ABC.

Officials at C-SPAN, the public affairs cable network that broadcasts
House and Senate proceedings and other public affairs programming, could
not be reached Sunday night.

The Web site for C-SPAN was temporarily replaced with a black page
carrying the logo for the hacker group. It also included what it
described as a transcript of a 1983 conversation suggesting that federal
officials planned to start a military skirmish in the Middle East to
benefit the American military-industrial complex.

But the "transcript'' was apparently a hoax, as the U.S. official
identifies himself as the Secretary of War at the State Department,'' a
post that doesn't exist.

The defacement against C-SPAN was first reported on a Web site,
Attrition.Org, which tracks hacking efforts on the Internet.

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