From pho <photon@2600.org.au>
Date Mon, 11 Oct 1999 09:20:44 +1000

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Hi all.

Hacktivism first interested me when the CDC thing happened, and HKB's
were supposedly 'let loose' after training.  Bronc's Chinese efforts
also interested me ('twas you, wasn't it?) .. and I've done a little
work myself.

My problem with the notion of hacktivism in general is that it seems to
rely on some 'higher purpose' motivation on the part of
skilled/knowledgeable computer users (hackers, hacktivists, whatever ..
i try to stear clear of those terms).  the fact that someone with the
skills necessary to actually pull off technically challenging
'hacktivism' in a timely and media-positive way probably has no desire
to go to jail .. well .. speaks for itself.

in my (paranoid) experience, the effort required to _really_ crack
systems 'safely' (for lack of a better term) ... is rather large.  it is
not so much technically a challenge as time-consuming.  for people with
the aforementioned skills and some social skills, this may  represent
significant monetary loss.

WHY would someone with adequate skills risk their (imho 'probably' happy
rich and consumerly) lifestyle/livelyhood to make some 2 hour web
.. or alter some firewall rules ..?

they are either really bored (likely), really upset (heh) or really
stupid (as scripts progress, i believe that this category will come to
the fore).  on the other hand, they might want to be a matyr.  *shrug*

as for 'virtual sit in' style 'hacktivism', i agree with bronc here
(again, i think it was bronc, i dont save old email often ;).
obviously, this will generate media, but although it could be considered
'activism' .. it's not much of a hack in the technical sense of the
word.  and anyway, if this technique progresses, i'm sure that various
web-sever software or adaptive IDS's will start to display at least
rudimentary resistance.

not wishing to start any long and convoluted threads, but rambling

- pho

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