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Date Wed, 08 Sep 1999 19:30:07 -0400
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Belinda Johnston wrote:

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> Also in agreement with Brad on the cynicism of the hungersite.  I visited
> it once and discovered that my donation had been made by a multinational
> pharmaceutical company.  I find it kinda disgusting that these corporations
> only make these donations in exchange for some advertising.  Or, in the
> words of the site's FAQ: "Our sponsors pay for the donations as a form of
> advertising and public relations. For some, it is simply good advertising.
> For others, it is analogous to funding shows on public television or making
> corporate donations to other worthy causes. It allows them to get their
> name in front of  people, to be associated with a good cause, and to
> generate good will towards their company."
> Surely we know "world hunger" is caused not by a shortage of food but
> rather by an inequitable division of resources that is a direct result of
> multinational capitalism?  I don't see how this site, one that panders to a
> belief that we've done a good thing for the world by simply clicking on a
> web page and allowing some company to think that it's done a good thing by
> offering the price of half a cup of rice (on the condition that it gets
> some free advertising), can be considered an example of  "activism."  B.

these are good points.  i am really dreamy and utopian at times.  sorry i
posted the list.  I especially apologize to those list members who found the
hunger site to be disgusting.  I will most certainly be more considerate in the
At least the web gives us all freedom of choice -- no one makes you stay at a
site longer than you wish.

that said, imho, i would appreciate it if someone can show me proof that not a
single 'hungry' person 'eats food' because of the hunger site.  I think that if
one person gets one meal because a gazillion ppl clicked a button and saw some
company logos, that's OK.  Yeah, we see ads all the time.   But we don't really
look at them most of the time.   besides, i-net biz analysts say banner ads /
hit counts / impressions / click thrus / etc. are far less effective than
predicted.  I don't care whose money buys the food, or how little of the corp.
pie is being shared. I'll take whatever the corp.s are willing to give, while
looking for ways to get still more from the .coms / .govs / .mils / etc.

what does activism mean?  I thought it just meant that you do something about a
cause that you believe in.  Maybe that's a false assumption, but if my
assumption is true,  then what's wrong with a 'click' as a form of electronic
activism?  I'm no expert and maybe my defn of activism is far too broad, but I
think whatever you do, in terms of how involved you wish to get, is up to you.
Everything counts & yes, some actions are greater than others.

as for US problems... true we don't have to look far -- but that's no reason to
limit or judge efforts.
life is short.  and there's never enough time / money / energy / etc.  we
choose our battles. we choose our tactics.

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