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Date Wed, 8 Sep 1999 18:02:24 -0400 (EDT)
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Here is a link to a bit I could find that was still up. If you notice
most of the stories all sound the same, and this is because they all got
it from the same source: Dan Atkin.
After his article runs, it all gets messy. If you notice the names of the
people who he said he talked to, they are the same people who just got
busted by the FBI in 'gH'.

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   Bronc Buster

> >> 'hacktivities' are generally checked and supported (or not) by other
> >> hacktivists, it's a kind of self-improvment mixed with self-regulation,
> >> that's what politics is also made for.
> do U have good URL's checking this story (I think there's a declaration of
> one LoU's member in, and what happened exactly ?
> By the way,
> what are the kind of hacktions hacktivists can share with hackers ?
> I mean, what are the connections and links between hackers & activists
> that already exist, it's just as if it's generally two separate worlds,
> although their goals, and pratice, can work & improve together...
> Sorry again

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