hackers Y2K conspiracy - 2

From "stu" <lsi@space.net.au>
Date Sun, 5 Sep 1999 02:25:14 +0800

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hey folks,

my understanding of hacktivism is basically that you don't need to 
help someone out with their computer problems if you don't like 

so an IT professional can go tell companies that do animal testing 
to go jump - over time that company will become less competitive 
than its rivals.

any employee could do this, but since this is a bit about hacking 
and computers, and I am in computers... I come from that 

I just found out I did some work for DERA - defence evaluation and 
research agency in the UK.  At the time I was working for Compaq 
and I knew I was working on some Defence thing, but I didn't know 
much about DERA.  I've just learned that they tested Sarin gas on 
humans in the 1950's (some of the subjects died within minutes).

Left me with a nice taste in my mouth, I can assure you

I actually posted another msg to this list but it didn't come back to 
me - maybe it was filtered because it had coarse language in it?

So anyway this msg is the same idea but without the rude bits.

I'd love to post the original because it's much more effective, from a 
literary perspective. :-)

Cheers then

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Merry Krishnas! .. are quite raucous

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