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Thanks, Jesse. 

Your feedback is very welcome.

The individual in Sweden who was acting as my go-between has severed
communication with Wired News. I think he is frustrated with my somewhat
brainless description of IRC as a place where hackers and crackers
coordinate their activities. I did not intend to paint IRC with that brush,
but that's how it came off and I'm not about to go into a story and tweak it.

The group Hackers Unite -- if they even exist as a group -- was *very*
skittish about speaking with me. I believe they justifiably fear the wrath
of the FBI and Microsoft. Alas, the sum total of the information I learned
about them is in the story.

We have no plans to develop any further coverage at this point. I did a
television interview here in the Bay Area last night, and a quick radio
interview that will run tonight on the CBCs As it Happens.


At 04:16 PM 8/31/99 -0400, you wrote:
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>well the hotmail hack is certainly getting a lot of attention in the mass
>media. james glave <> is doing a lot of the ground work,
>churning out a number of good articles. unsuprisingly enough he's also a
>member of this list. in these articles, james sources
>the supposed hackers responsible as being interviewed in irc. can you
>offer more info on this james?
>it seems this particular 'hack' has created an environment in which
>microsoft and the many issues around it (anti-trust trial, monopoly,
>their horrible computer security and tendency to conduct covert
>surveillance on their users) are again making it into the public mind.
>anyhow, i'm going to be appearing on Canadian National Television tonight
>on CBC's National Magazine, speaking about the Hotmail hack, the microsoft
>monopoly, and technology and society. It should be a 20 minute segment, on
>CBC. it airs at 9pm on Newsworld, 10pm on CBC...
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