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Date Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:03:20 -0400
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jesse hirsh wrote:
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> well the hotmail hack is certainly getting a lot of attention in the mass
> media. james glave <> is doing a lot of the ground work,
> churning out a number of good articles. unsuprisingly enough he's also a
> member of this list. in these articles, james sources
> the supposed hackers responsible as being interviewed in irc. can you
> offer more info on this james?
> it seems this particular 'hack' has created an environment in which
> microsoft and the many issues around it (anti-trust trial, monopoly,
> their horrible computer security and tendency to conduct covert
> surveillance on their users) are again making it into the public mind.
> anyhow, i'm going to be appearing on Canadian National Television tonight
> on CBC's National Magazine, speaking about the Hotmail hack, the microsoft
> monopoly, and technology and society. It should be a 20 minute segment, on
> CBC. it airs at 9pm on Newsworld, 10pm on CBC...

Way to go Jesse! Do the non-Canadians on this list get a recap tomorrow?

Maybe you can make a few points about Linux, open source, and free
software. It's funny how Microsoft has been splashing notices about
security on the Hotmail home page this summer and now we find out that
they were grossly incompetent. I have a Hotmail account that I use to
maintain an anonymous identity for a GeoCities sex site that I maintain.
I noticed several months ago a HUGE increase in junk mail to my Hotmail
account. It went from 1 spam message a day to 15. I'm convinced that
Microsoft sold my Hotmail address to some spam company.

Microsoft's days as the dominant player are numbered. People are tired
of their software that doesn't work and their Internet "services" that
aren't secure.


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