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From "Grugnog" <>
Date Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:31:08 +0100
Importance Normal

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The list website <> has been updated, and
redesigned. The list archives are also now part of the main site. <a
href="">Feedback</a> is appreciated please :)

I am currently making a list of links for the site link page, so if you have
found any interesting hacktivism pages e-mail me the URLs and I will add
them to the list.

One you might like to take a look at (for historical reference at least) is
This is an archive of a part of the debate which prompted me to start this
list. The last post in the archive is one by me, which is quite big, so I
won't repost it on here. My views have changed a bit since I wrote it, but
most of it still stands. Feel free to copy and paste bits onto the list with
your response :)

We also now have around 190 subscribers, so please bear that in mind - what
you send goes out to a lot of people :) If the number of people
participating in a single topic drops low then you might consider taking it
off list, so you can debate more freely and there is a reasonable list
volume for people with less time on their hands <grin>. If anyone wants to
unsubscribe, checkout the list FAQ
which has detailed instructions.

Also, at some point it would be good if someone could re-read the posts and compile a list of memes and questions - this
would help keep the debate together a bit, and might be a good starting
point for a hacktivism FAQ.

- Grug

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