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Date Sat, 28 Aug 1999 12:39:28 -0400
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Mike wrote:

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> > I'mn not simply trying to fan a flame war, but how does dumping data into
> > an error log of a web server garner attention?  Who will see it?  How can
> > anyone even verify that the work was accomplished?  AFAIK it isn't
> If their action has gotten the attention of the press, they have
> successfully drawn attention to the issues they are organizing around.

> Mike

milloy wrote:

> For me, the value of the EDT and FloodNet attacks is that they are
> compelling theatre; protest as spectacle. On a practical level, EDT does
> not end Mexican actions in Chiapas, nor does it even impede the tech
> abilities, beyond the web servers, of the targetted organisations. But
> there is a certain righteous poetry, to me, in inscribing the names of
> the dead on the virtual machine of the Mexican state.
> To get back down to earth, EDT has attracted a good amount of press, both
> mainstream and alternative; which, I'm sure, has the incalcuable bonus of
> showing people in a vibrant way the reality that these infernal machines
> can be a lot more than simply a really convenient and anonymous way to
> order books, check out porn or email Grandma in DesMoines.
> Over and out....
> m-j

Thanx, Mike, and M-J, and others,...

I'm so glad to read this!  it's always a total rush to *hear* someone other
than an EDT member point out the basic reason for creating the FloodNet art
work.  I don't know of another piece of cyberart that has managed to get the
attention that FloodNet has gotten.  And i can assure you that every time EDT
members have been interviewed, we always point the light at the mexican
gov'mnt's low intensity war against the indigenous ppl of Chiapas.

Another grand misconception that the media has perpetuated is that FloodNet is
a DoS attack... Yet a spokesman for the US government did not class FloodNet as
a DoS.  IMHO, it would have to actually cause service to be denied for that to
be true.  And -- believe me, the EDT *could* have set up FloodNet to crash
servers, there-by denying service, but we *chose* not to.  Ok, theoretically
our actions could become a DoS, but we target sites that will not be shut down
by the large number of participants that join our actions.  Our performance art
is a symbolic gesture created to draw attention to Chiapas.  Which it does.

FloodNet is based on the willing participation of large masses of ppl -- for a
limited time, with a specific focus. The media hype is a good thing.  The
discussions about i-net security are a good thing. The countermeasures taken
against FloodNet and other hacktivist efforts are a good thing, because what
ever thoughts that surface and create new dialogue are catalysts to change.
(speaking of change-- FloodNet was 'last year' -- i hope it seeds lots of new
stuff, but i'm anxious to get beyond FloodNet...)

Bronc Buster wrote:

> This, although, is way cry from a flood net, where people who might not
> know, just think that their connection is lagged, or the server they want
> to reach is down for some reason or another. It doesn't deliver anything
> for the average person to go see, like an old fashion sitting on the steps
> of city hall, or changing that domain or simply defacing a web site would.

Right on target! This is my greatest problem with FloodNet.  EDT has gone over
& over this point.  i personally avoid clearly criminal acts.  There needs to
be a way -- without clearly committing a cybercrime  -- to show ppl visiting a
targeted site that there is an electronic civil disobedience action is in
progress.  Any ideas, food for thought, etc., would be most welcome!

Finally, echoing the comments of other posts: it takes all kinds and all levels
of effort to bring about change.  Some are willing to die in the streets, some
only whisper their solidarity.  The solidarity is more important than the way
one chooses to express it (murder not withstanding).  The internet allows easy
anonymous activist participation, which works for some ppl.  In these times of
communication at the speed of electron flow, we need any and all methods of
blending voices to create new realities.  Information is power.

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