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>Being an activist should have nothing to do with destroying an opposing view 
>points communication media. This is a limitation of freedom which makes the 
>activist look just as stupid and hypocritical as the on being fucked with. 
>Even if it is something as horrid as racism. Adding links i can see, but how 
>can you shut someone down in the name of your own politics and then say that 
>you are interested in personal freedom. The people have the freedom to put 
>which ever web page they want, it is our mission to use our skills to inform 
>the public otherwise, but not destroy another persons way of communicating 
>his/her ideas with the public.

I agree. Hacktivists themselves tend to be manipulated by governments, 
and this is rather funny....
The ability to shut down a site is nothing but a technological power, 
and, as always, people with power, but without brains are the worst 
ennemies of personal freedom.

If governments don't succeed in restraining hackers to hack, they'll try 
to use them as weapons, theirs weapons.

An example : hackers shutting down sites related to pedophilie have 
certainly not understood that governments don't  care about pedophiles, 
but overemphasize, through media, theirs actions in order to convince 
people that the internet must be controlled. By going on a crusade 
against pedophiles, hackers, actually, strenghten the state propaganda. 
All crusades are dubious : look at the religious ones ...

There are kids who are very good with computers, and this provides them 
with a true technological power.
Unfortunately, they often lack the mental and psychological maturity 
which could help them not to become the FBI's benevolent employees.....

Moreover, any power wants to be used, because power is nothing but power 
to do something.
That is why, it may be very tempting to find so-called ennemies just for 
the pleasure to use one's power to shut their sites down, while claiming 
to "fight for good". Good is always dubious, too....

Just my two cents ...


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