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> Being an activist should have nothing to do with destroying an opposing view
> points communication media. This is a limitation of freedom which makes the
> activist look just as stupid and hypocritical as the on being fucked with.
> Even if it is something as horrid as racism. Adding links i can see, but how
> can you shut someone down in the name of your own politics and then say that
> you are interested in personal freedom. The people have the freedom to put up
> which ever web page they want, it is our mission to use our skills to inform
> the public otherwise, but not destroy another persons way of communicating
> his/her ideas with the public.
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Amen. This is why I oppose efforts by well-meaning commies and liberals
to deny permits so that Nazis can march.

I'm pretty cynical about CD actions like FloodNet. How many of you have
read Churchill's "Pacifism as Pathology"? I say, if you are going to
take actions against the state, hit them where it hurts. It's pretty
obvious when one reads the boss press which actions they worry about.
These are the actions that get their attention. This doesn't mean, of
course, that we should engage in those actions on a regular basis, since
they will mean jail time if people get caught. But we should put that on
the table.

To me, Floodnet is about as effective as waving placards in front of an
empty embassy on a Saturday morning.

What would I rather see "hactivists" do? Spend more of our efforts and
talents developing alternatives to the New World Order. That means
getting more activist online and helping more poor people get online.
This also means developing our own free software and OSs and building
netoworks that are impervious to ruling class disruption.


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