Announcement proposal for Hacktivism e-mail list

From "Grugnog" <>
Date Mon, 16 Aug 1999 19:01:57 +0100
Importance Normal

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This announcement will be sent out in a week or so, please reply privately
or to the list with any suggestions or modifications and I will try and
collate them before we launch the list.
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A new e-mail list has been formed to discuss and debate what has been
termed 'hacktivism'. Refacing corporate and government web-pages,
organising community based web servers or micropower radio stations, using
mobile comms to create communication channels for poor, remote or 
oppressed people: the fusion of activism and hacking has begun to create
some very creative projects - not to mention some interesting practical,
tactical and even ethical questions.

The e-mail list is a space to allow activists and hackers of all
pursuasions to discuss what the word 'hacktivism' actually means and the
issues surrounding it. It can also be used as a forward channel for any
interesting hacktivism news or opinion.

To join this e-mail list simply send a message to:
in the (plain text) message body. Remove the subject line and your sig.

Alternatively go to and subscribe there
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