Re[2]: Oil companies above the law

From dim <>
Date Tue, 6 Mar 2001 19:27:55 +0100

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actually i've read quite a lot about such international organisations
like OPEC and i've understood one thing: their power has no limits.
Lets take a small example:
Russia is at war with Chechenia right now.Let's say Putin decides to
make up a budget of several hundred million dollars (haha =]). We
should know by now that Russia get's quite a sum for it's oil export.
So OPEC increases it's quotes for oil, oil prices drop, Russia doesn't
sum up to it's budget. Putin iis forced to end the war with Chechenia.
How is that for influence? Not that bad for an _economical_ organisation,
is it now?

pardon my spelling

freedom and liberty?

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