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Tom you only get an automated response from that old whitehouse
address-don't think its effective (unless about a 10000 send loads each all
at the same time..hehehe)
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> I know I posted this about a month and a half ago, but Leonard Peltier's
> petition for clemency is still sitting on Bill Clinton's desk.  Best part is
> you don't even have to be an American citizen to put in your 2 cents.  The
> following links bring you site which give a run down of current updates on
> the case, case history, where to write and how to call the White House:
> or just e-mail the U.S. president at
> For those of you who don't know, Leonard Peltier is a Native American Lakota
> who was imprisioned on the charge of killing 2 FBI agents.  There were only
> two factors missing from the FBI's case: witnesses and evidence.  But, as
> the FBI always gets its man, even when the man in question isn't their man,
> Peltier took the fall.

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