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Date Mon, 8 Jan 2001 18:46:26 +1000

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At 1:43 AM +0000 7/1/01, banners wrote:
>are there any mac users out there
>>  who have a spare copy of SoftWindows or some other PC emulation
>>  software for mac, capable of running windows? There is one program we
>>  really need that is only available for Pc or unix. I tried unix and it
>>  is beyond me.
>I looked at the shareware and cheap emulators, but they dont
>>  include (or run) windows and we dont have any money. . I just want to
>practice using steganography, so I can
>>  understand how it works, and then when I learn unix properly I'll be
>>  able to use steganographic file system to get around the interfering
>>  government regulations on password disclosure etc. trouble is there
>>  are only a few such mac programs, and they only use obscure file
>  > formats, not jpeg or mpeg.

As I recall, the Mac software to do this is called Stego;
yep, here it is:

It'll do PICT and probably other formats - somehow I doubt that
you'll find a steganography program that will do jpeg or mpeg,
since those are both lossy compression formats, and steganography
relies on very subtle shifts in the least significant bit of the pixels
of an image. Jpeg or Mpeg compression would wipe any steganographic
information from an image. GIF, on the other hand, would be possible
though unlikely, due to the limited bit depth - Stego won't do GIF.
I understand that PNG is lossless and 24-bit, so that sounds like a
good target format; you could probably run a PICT through Stego,
Steg some info into it, then use Photoshop to make it into a PNG,
then send it to someone, who could convert it back to PICT and
un-steg it. Yep, just tried it, it works.


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