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Date Sun, 7 Jan 2001 01:43:22 -0000

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are there any mac users out there
> who have a spare copy of SoftWindows or some other PC emulation
> software for mac, capable of running windows? There is one program we
> really need that is only available for Pc or unix. I tried unix and it
> is beyond me.
I looked at the shareware and cheap emulators, but they dont
> include (or run) windows and we dont have any money. . I just want to
practice using steganography, so I can
> understand how it works, and then when I learn unix properly I'll be
> able to use steganographic file system to get around the interfering
> government regulations on password disclosure etc. trouble is there
> are only a few such mac programs, and they only use obscure file
> formats, not jpeg or mpeg.

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