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Democracy?  This nation was never meant to be a democracy.  A democracy is
an unlimited dictatorship of the majority.  Whoever can build the broad
consensus by whatever means rules.  Two examples of a democracy ... six
wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner; a lynch mob with one
dissenting vote.  This country was meant to be a federation of
constitutionally limited republics under the rule of law.  Specifically that
meant common law.  The constitution requires that all states (republics)
guarantee their Citizens constitutionally limited republican government for
membership in the union.

We do, in fact, live in a de facto democracy.  This has come about in
stages, starting with the aftermath of the civil war,
the 16th and 17th amendments, the federal reserve act, women's suffrage, the
depression, the federal admission of bankruptcy
as evidenced by the call in of gold in 1933, the relocation of our gold
reserves from Fort Knox to the Federal Reserve bank in New York in 1934 by
act of congress, the social security act,
the Public Salary Tax Act of 1939 which eliminated the social security act
and incorporated social security into the internal revenue codes, the Buck
act of 1940 which put an overlay of federal districts over the several
states which theoretically places everyone within a federal zone
geographically if they meet certain criteria, the Tomkins vs. Erie Railroad
decision of the supreme court in 1938 which acknowledged the bankruptcy,
various emergency powers given over to the executive branch since FDR took
office, including a continuing national state of emergency declared annually
by congress, the victory tax act of 1943 which ushered in a withholding tax
on wages, etc, etc, etc.

Anyways, I believe that for every command and control big-brother
surveillance, intimidation and control measure, there can and will be
effective counter measures.  Effective counter measures can be surprisingly
LOW tech and still succeed.

There are far more people that would like to live life free of this sort of
command and control then there are command and controllers, who can't be
everywhere.  A for-instance ... suppose that several thousand hidden cameras
and microphones go up within public areas of a city.  All that has to happen
is for
everybody to bash one mike and/or one camera, plus one parking meter as
retaliation for putting up the surveillance gear to begin with.

We should take a lesson from the Boston Tea Party.  The Sons of Liberty
disguised themselves and engage in non violent political trashing which also
made great street theatre and was widely applauded by the crowd.

At that point, King George was at a crossroads.  He could have taken the
hint, forgiven Boston, made conciliatory gestures, listened to the
legitimate grievances of the colonists, etc.
The revolution might never have happened or it might have been put off for
many years.  Instead, King George and his minions acted predictably like the
humorless tyrants they were and instituted the Intolerable Acts of 1774.  By
over-reacting and/or reacting wrongly to the tea party, King George brought
about and galvanized his own opposition.


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> we supposedly helped knock down the "WALL" between east and west germany
> aswell as the iron curtain. now are we seeing our so called
> elitist democracy
> become the next society to be governed in all areas by our own
> supposed big
> brother. one has to wonder.

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